Victim Services Toronto | T.E.A.R. Presentation Evaluation Form
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T.E.A.R. Presentation Evaluation Form



StudentTeacherGuidance CounsellorSocial WorkerPrincipalVice PrincipalOther


Section 1

Please select your response regarding the T.E.A.R. Presentation at your school.

It was effective in educating about healthy relationships and the warning signs of domestic violence*
AgreeNeither agree or disagreeDisagree

How would you rate the pace of the presentation?*
Too slowJust rightToo fast

How would you rate the amount of information covered?*
Not enoughJust rightToo much

Presenter answered questions adequately*
AgreeNeither agree or disagreeDisagree

The content of the presentation is relevant*
AgreeNeither agree or disagreeDisagree

Would you recommend the T.E.A.R. presentation to other agencies/schools/services providers?*
YesNot sureNo

Section 2

Please give us your opinion

What new knowledge did you learn?

What new understandings/feelings did you leave with?

What did you like most about the T.E.A.R. presentation?

What did you like the least?

What would you add?

What would you remove?

Additional questions/comments?

Thank you for your time!

For more information contact the T.E.A.R. Coordinator at or call 416-808-7845