Victim Services Toronto | The Trauma Dog Program
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The Trauma Dog Program

The Trauma Dog Program

The Victim Services Trauma Dog Program provides the comfort of a specially trained Labrador Retriever named Dandy to Victim Services Toronto clients. Adults are eligible however; priority is given to child and youth clients.


The Trauma Dog provides the unconditional comfort of touch and warmth as well as provides a healthy distraction from the agony of grief and trauma. VST counsellors may offer Dandy to clients when in-person appointments are scheduled. There is a screening process to ensure the safety of clients and the Trauma Dog. If accepted, the counsellor will be accompanied to the appointment by the Trauma Dog and her handler.


The Trauma Dog Program consists of one Trauma Dog and her handler who cares for her 24/7, transports her to appointments, maintains her training and monitors her overall health and wellbeing.


For more information about the Trauma Dog program please email