Victim Services Toronto | Faire un don
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Faire un don



Si vous souhaitez faire un don par courrier, vous n’avez qu’à remplir notre formulaire de don et l’envoyer avec votre paiement à l’adresse suivante: Services Aux Victimes De Toronto 40, rue College Toronto ON M5G 2J3


Pour faire un don par téléphone, il nous fera plaisir de répondre votre appel au 416-808-7845


Victim Services Toronto answers more than 20,000 calls for help every year from survivors and victims of crime and tragedy.


$350 Donation

Enables a Crisis Team to attend the location of victim(s) in the immediate aftermath of a crime or sudden tragic event to provide support. Having Crisis Counsellors on-scene with traumatized individuals and families provides an invaluable lifeline.

$600 Donation

Enables a trauma dog to attend the location of child victims along with Victim Services Toronto’s Crisis Team. Trauma dogs are proven to have incredible calming and therapeutic effects on children who have experienced or witnessed major violence.

$1,500 Donation

Provides a victim who is at high risk of harm or death due to repeated domestic violence and stalking with safety planning, safety monitoring/portable GPS alarm for one year.

$3,000 Donation

Provides 10 T.E.A.R™ workshops (Teens Ending Abusive Relationships) reaching more than 1000 students in local high schools and middle schools. T.E.A.R.™: Provides powerful educational workshops and innovative forums for dialogue on developing healthy relationships and learning the warning signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships. Some of T.E.A.R™. topics include bullying, healthy & unhealthy dating relationships, consent, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

$7,000 Donation

Supports the upkeep of “Dandy”, Toronto’s first Trauma Dog, for 1 month. Upkeep includes but is not limited to: food, shelter (handler), training, handler costs, dog accessories, fitness, medical care, treatments and insurance.  

Donor Services

Update Your Information

To update your information, change your donation status, or in the event that you have misplaced your receipt please email or call 416-808-7845

Duplicate Receipt Request

In the event that your receipt has been lost or misplaced, a duplicate receipt can be issued. Please complete our Request for duplicate receipt form.