Victim Services Toronto | About
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Our Mission

Victim Services Toronto provides short-term crisis response and intervention, which are responsive to the needs of individuals and families in the immediate aftermath of crime and sudden tragedy in Toronto. Victim Services Toronto works to prevent victimization by offering a variety of violence prevention programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help victims of crime and sudden tragedies restore and enhance their quality of life while working to prevent victimization in the diverse communities we serve

Our Values

Client Self-Determination
We believe that people receiving services from VST (clients) are the experts in their own lives. Clients will receive non-judgmental support from VST and will be encouraged to make their own decisions.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
We value fair and equitable treatment of all clients, staff, students, volunteers, Board members and community partners at Victim Services Toronto. We value, respect and embrace diversity and inclusivity of people. At Victim Services Toronto we intentionally engage members of diverse groups to participate at all levels of the organization.
We treat members of our community with respect and dignity, regardless of differences.
We believe that stakeholders have a right to information about our work. We strive for openness and transparency in all areas of work at Victim Services Toronto.
Positive and Healthy Work Environment
We value positive and healthy relationships in the work environment, and the health and safety of employees, volunteers and other visitors of Victim Services Toronto.